Travel Talk from Kyle Thomas Glasser | Top 5 Places to Visit in Greece

Georgia native Kyle Thomas Glasser has seen beautiful mountains, rambling rivers and even the jungles of Central America, but Greece is at the top of his “to-do” list. Here are five of Kyle Thomas Glasser’s most desired stops in Greece.

1. The Coast of Greece

“The emerald waters and white sands of Greece are legendary,” says Kyle Thomas Glasser. Many of the beaches are noted for their environmental friendliness. Kyle Thomas Glasser says, “I have always been intrigued by the volcanic sands and pebble beaches of Greece.” The picturesque views “create a postcard worthy scene,” according to Kyle Thomas Glasser.

2. Acropolis

“There is no other site in the world that holds as much mystery as the Acropolis in Athens,” says Kyle Thomas Glasser. “Its clever design was surely ages ahead of its time.” Kyle Thomas Glasser’s list of Athenian attractions includes the Parthenon, the center of the Acropolis and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus built in 161 AD in memory of Herodes’ late wife. Kyle Thomas Glasser’s thought is that “a structure built out of grief for one you love must be built with an attention to detail rivaled by no other.” Kyle Thomas Glasser knows that time has eroded much of the site, but he still dreams of sitting where the ancients once enjoyed music – even if it wasn’t on an iPod!

3. Monastery of Agia Lavra

Kyle Thomas Glasser is a deeply religious man and as such, feels a visit to the symbolic birthplace of modern Greece is an appropriate addition to his list. “This church has been burned to the ground four times,” notes Kyle Thomas Glasser, “and yet the faithful always rebuild. It’s fascinating.” Kyle Thomas Glasser is pleased to know that there are many times admission is free here since “as a college student, if I could go now, my funds would be seriously limited.”

4. Olympic Stadium

One of the more modern attractions in Greece that Kyle Thomas Glasser hopes to visit is the Olympic Stadium, designed in the late 1970s and completed in 1982. As a sports fan Kyle Thomas Glasser hopes to visit this site one day, but as a music fan, he really wants to make pilgrimage here. “Bon Jovi, U2 and Pink have all sent their voices through the air of this venue – I can only imagine.”

5. Caves

“Caves,” says Kyle Thomas Glasser, “are one of nature’s completely unspoiled experiences.”  Of the 8,500 caves that are known in Greece, only handfuls have been completely explored. Kyle Thomas Glasser wants to make it at least one less. “Tafkoura,” Kyle Thomas Glasser explains, “is one of the deepest caves in Greece, and has never been fully explored – what an adventure that would be!”

Twenty one year old Kyle Thomas Glasser’s mission in life is simple: to serve others.  A student of medicine, a devout Catholic and an active member of the leadership organization Sigma Alpha Lambda, Kyle Thomas Glasser spends much of his time devoted to making a positive impact on his world.  When he isn’t busy with studies as a senior at UGA, Kyle Thomas Glasser can be found mentoring incoming students and shadowing Dr. Jeff Traub in Atlanta.